Yungblud had his first suicidal thoughts at 13 – Music News

The 23-year-old musician credits his connection with his fans for keeping him positive and says he has a codependent relationship with them.

He told The Guardian newspaper: “I had a lot of friends but in a room full of people I would feel totally alone. I had my first suicidal thoughts at 13.

“If you know Yungblud, the music is secondary, I don’t give a s*** about hit records. All I care about is a culture, like the Stone Roses or Green Day had, where I stand on stage and we come together because we’re integral to each other’s lives. That’s what it’s about, connecting to people. If I don’t do it, I die. If I don’t do it I go back to wanting to kill myself. I know it’s f*****-up that all of us have this codependency, but that’s the way it is. I’m just like them in the way they’re just like me.”

Yungblud’s ‘Love Song’ was inspired by the domestic violence he witnessed between his parents when he was growing up, which he says has “skewed” his idea of love.

He said: “My parents used to fight a lot and it was dark. They’d fight and then be friends an hour later. So my idea of love was so skewed.”

The star also revealed he and fellow musician Lewis Hamilton were once housemates and they used to drown their sorrows together over their lack of record deals.

He said: “Every week, me and Lewis would be like: ‘Did you get signed yet?’; ‘No, you?’; ‘No.’ Every week. Just us getting into all sorts of trouble. I think we kept Stella Artois in business for those two years.”

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