Woman sues boyfriend for not proposing marriage after 8 years of relationship [ARTICLE]

According to Gertrude Ngoma from Ndola, Zambia’s second-largest city, her 28-year-old lover Herbert Salaliki promised to marry her, and even paid the lobola (a traditional dowry) to her parents, as a sign that he will take care of her, but the young man keeps procrastinating.

She got fed up with the lackadaisical attitude of her boyfriend and decided to head to the court to force him to honour his promise to marry her.

The couple reportedly has a baby together, lived together, but now, Gertrude who currently lives in her parents’ house said she cannot countenance Herbert’s indecision anymore.

“Your Honor, he has never been serious, that is why I brought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and my future with him,” Gertrude reportedly told the court.

Mwebantu.com reported her as further alleging that Salaliki has been cheating on her because she had discovered text messages between him and another woman which suggested that they might be in a relationship.

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Salaliki admitted to promising to marry Gertrude indeed but cited financial incapability as the reason for not fulfilling it.

He also complained about lack of communication between them, a situation he blamed her for because according to him, she has not been giving him attention.

Having listened to the two parties, presiding magistrate Evelyn Nalwize reportedly said that the court could not help Gertrude because there was no marriage, despite the paid dowry.

The concerned magistrate then advised Gertrude to sue for breach of marriage contract instead of the first approach.

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