Why is he acting like a saviour? Showbiz pundit blasts Kwaku Manu over Funny Face videos [ARTICLE]

After Kwaku Manu visited Funny Face at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital early this week, he uploaded videos he took with the comedian’s family to his YouTube channel and monetised them.

This act, according to showbiz pundit Whitney Boakye-Mensah, is uncalled for.

“Even if he (Kwaku Manu) refuses to honour the family’s request, I’ll report the videos of Funny Face on his channel” she stated on Entertainment Review on Peace FM yesterday.

“The kids were not strapped but he filmed them. For what? So that we will all know that you are the saviour of his family? That was so wrong. What was he trying to prove by filming Funny Face’s children on a high way without protection?”

She continued: “Secondly, evaluation and psychiatric home is not an entertainment ground. People cannot just barge into the place for selfies.”

“Thirdly, creative arts people shouldn’t behave like people don’t have families. The family asked Kwaku Manu to stop so that they can handle the issue. He should leave it to the family. Even before Funny Face was admitted, he asked Kwaku Manu to stop talking about him.”

She also blasted Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa Nicole, for going on a radio tour.

“Funny Face’s baby mama should also stop the radio tour and shut up for the sake of her kids. When people are in trouble, we should be mindful of our actions,” she added.

Watch the full video below.

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