What has Nana Akudo-Addo done for Kumasi and Ashanti Region? – Archipalago quizzes (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

Right after the Chairperson of EC, Jean Mensa, declared the elections in favour of the NPP, their supporters in the Ashanti Region branded a coffin with Mahama’s pictures and held a funeral ceremony for him.

This act, according to Archipalago, is appalling, disgraceful and distasteful for Ghana’s democracy. He said they should stop the stupidity and vote wisely because Nana Akufo Addo has done nothing for the Ashanti Region.

“The EC has declared President Nana Akufo-Addo President-elect but the NDC won’t accept,” he said in a live video on Instagram. “Why do Ghanaians like copying Americans so much? So, because Donald Trump rejected the US election results, the NDC wants to copy it.”

‘Shameless Akufo-Addo accepted money in a brown paper like a mafia chieftain’ – Mahama

‘Shameless Akufo-Addo accepted money in a brown paper like a mafia chieftain’ – Mahama

He applauded the NDC for pulling some significant figures during this year’s election, adding that he thought the fight between Mzbel and Tracey Boakye would ruin Mahama’s chances.

“I know the NDC will go to court but let’s give credit to Mahama because I thought he would never earn a single vote after Mzbel and Tracey Boakye dirtied themselves on social media with ‘Papa no’ allegations. They did their homework well and won more votes. They have done well.”

He fired the NPP supporters who held the funeral for Mahama and questioned Nana Addo’s efforts in the Ashanti region.

“The NPP didn’t do their homework well. Those Kumasi people holding a funeral for Mahama should be careful. It’s appalling. What has Akufo-Addo done for Kumasi and Ashanti Region that you are jubilating? You won’t consider projects done by governments before voting. All you know is a ‘stronghold’. Whether good or bad, you will vote the NPP. Be careful and stop the stupidity. Nana Addo can only boost of free education. It’s a good initiative and I hear it’s helping people. But it’s appalling to hold a funeral ceremony for Mahama,” he added.

Watch Archipalago slam NPP supporters below.

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