We’re nothing without men; we do makeup to look good and make them happy – Lady says [ARTICLE]

The Nigerian woman identified as Khadijat, has taken to the microblogging platform, Twitter to make the controversial claim, explain that most of the things women do to look beautiful including makeup are meant to make men happy.

“ Without men women are nothing, ”We do makeup to look good and make them happy,” Khadijat wrote on Twitter.

Her tweet has since attracted a lot of mixed reactions with some people of both genders agreeing with her while others disagreed.

Meanwhile, a lawyer has vowed never to have anything to do with the kind of woman he referred to as a disrespectful literate.

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According to the Nigerian lawyer identified as Arinze Amobi, he would prefer to marry and spend his life with a teachable, respectful and submissive illiterate than spend a day with a disrespectful literate.

This debate about submission in marriage has been a bone of contention between the male and female gender lately as to who owes it to the other and there has not been any compromise yet.

Correct as his view may be, it is unclear what compelled Mr. Amobi to reignite the debate now when people need peace of mind to celebrate Christmas.

He took to Facebook on Saturday, December 19 to make the controversial post, saying that most men would agree with him.

As a man, I will much rather marry and spend my life with a teachable, submissive and respectful illiterate than spend a day with a disrespectful literate woman. Most sincere men will agree with me on this.” he wrote.

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