Wendy Shay bears a striking resemblance to late Ebony Reigns in new photo [ARTICLE]

Ebony Reigns, who passed away in a gory motor accident in 2018, was replaced by her label, RuffTown Records/Midas Touch Inc., in less than six months.

Her replacement, Wendy Shay, has, on countless occasions, denied that she is a replacement and that she is not trying to hijack the late singer’s brand.

But, now, things look like what it is.

A new photo which was uploaded to Wendy Shay’s Instagram page yesterday is stirring up yet another controversy as some social media users claim she is trying to copy Ebony Reigns.

In the photo, Wendy Shay rocked Ebony Reigns’ signature twisted hair with beads at its ends and paired with leather neck strap, sparkling dress and black boots.

She shared the photo with the caption: “Caption this!”

Immediately the photo went up, some social media users started tagging her as Ebony Reigns’ ghost.

“Ebony Saman Part 2,” an Instagram user said. “Looking like Ebony oo waow,” another user said. Another added: “The return of Ebony Reigns.”

It’s unclear why she particularly opted for this look, considering how many times she has been ridiculed on the internet for ‘hijacking’ Ebony Reigns’ brand.

However, it seems she has grown thick skin and enjoys the endless trolls.

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