Vivian Jill is dating a married man from Tarkwa – Afia Schwarzenegger vows to expose (VIDEOS) [ARTICLE]

In two separate videos she shared on her Instagram page today, the ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ TV series star called Vivian unprintable names and mentioned the man who is the ‘father’ of her last son, and promised to do worse.

“I promised not to do come certain things in 2021, but I have time for some people,” she said in her first video. “Vivian Jill, your cheeks are like a cushion. You are an animal for hiring people to attack me.”

“Who is the father of your son? You are a foolish woman. Why don’t you like peace? I will deal with you when Nana Agradaa is done. Your face like an old Japanese woman. Name the NDC member who slept with you. Confess before I expose you. Are you the only people who made a loss after sleeping with married men?”

She claimed a certain married man named Okubeng from Tarkwa is the man Vivian is dating and that her son isn’t the man’s biological child.

According to Afia, Vivian’s son is a half-caste but her sugar daddy is being forced to take responsible.

“There’s a man in Tarkwa named Okubeng. He should look for me. His wife should also look for me. She should look for me because a half-caste baby is being forced on her husband. When you take a good look at your husband, can he give birth to a half-caste? The baby is not his biological son,” she alleged.

“Whoever doesn’t want to live with me in peace in this country will relocate while I stay,” she warned.

Vivian Jill hasn’t responded to any of these claims.

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