[VIDEO]: 55-year-old prophetess shares her heaven experience on earth [ARTICLE]

According to her, in her first life, she received the calling of God to be his prophetess and to perform some miracles that will get people’s problems resolved.

But in her line of work, she had encountered various spiritual attacks on her life which degenerated into a disease that could not be proven by any form of diagnosis.

Doris spoke in an interview with SVTV Africa.

She continued that her sickness took a turn for the bad that part of the body was decomposing with all hope lost.

After several years of battling an ailment, Doris died but came back to life on the day she was being buried, which of course left people running because this only happens in the movies.

“I died but I resurrected on the day of my burial. I was taken to heaven after my death and God said I had to do his work so he brought me back on earth. He said if I don’t come and do his work, he will take my life again. When I came back, I saw only my children crying whiles all other people had taken to their heels.”

Doris added that after she resurrected, life hasn’t been easy for her so she had to move from Yeji to Accra to ensure that she gets a better life.

She has seven children who live with her in Accra.

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