Valee Music talks ancestral root, collab with Sarkodie, Beyonce, latest song “Sondela” and more [ARTICLE]

Valee Music is an afro-pop, soul and house artiste from London. Born in Bulawayo Zimbabw, she prides herself on her roots and Southern African heritage. Growing up in London; her music reflects her journey and is a fusion of her culture and upbringing.

In her words: “I want my fans to come on a journey with me wherever I go I wear my flags with pride and my heritage on my chest. I want my music to reflect this. London is the melting pot that has curated and nurtured the beauty of who I am today. My music culture is influenced by beautiful afrobeats, house, soul whatever it may be is what I want my fans to see through me and not put a label on it.”

“To my fans – if you like house, afro-pop, soul or afrobeats then this is for you. I’m versatile and I like to create music that you can feel. Music is to be felt and I want ya’ll to feel it with me.”

Following her cameo in Sarkodie feat. Mr Eazi’s single ‘Do You’, and her most recent credit on Beyonce’s ‘Black Is King’ Disney Film as an additional cast member, Valee Music has no intentions of slowing down, and is just getting started on leaving a striking impact on the U.K. afro-pop scene. engaged her in a Q&A session where she spoke about her ancestral root, working with Beyonce and Ghana’s Sarkodie, and the impact of her latest banger “Sondela”.

Pulse Ghana: You seem to hold your ancestral root in high esteem. What has been the motivation?

Valee Music: Thank you. I think the motivation is not getting lost in this Big Bad World. It’s important to know who you are so that you know where you’re going. Everything is becoming influenced by Western Culture, but African culture is so beautiful! It doesn’t mean I’ll wear traditional every day or start clicking every chance I get but it means in this modern day & age, in its new form – I celebrate my culture!

Valee Music

Valee Music

Pulse Ghana: How did you get the call for Beyoncé’s ‘’Black is King’’?

Valee Music: My cousin knew the production team responsible for the ‘Ape Sh*’ video by the Carter’s which was shot in France. She once sent me an opportunity I signed up but totally forgot about it as I couldn’t make it. For ‘’Black is King’’, long story short I got a phone call they said they like my look and are interested in featuring me in a big project for an international artiste. They didn’t say who lol, but I followed my gut and went anyway.

Pulse Ghana: How do you feel about working with Beyoncé’?

Valee Music: It’s an honour to be part of anything featuring Queen Bey! What I remember from the day is just how lovely all her team were! From the movie you can see how she celebrated natural black beauty and I am blessed to have been called to experience that! Also excited to see my family name Valerie Menyiwe Sibanda on the credits of a Disney production! It’s a sign of good things to come!

Pulse Ghana: Should fans anticipate a future collaboration with Beyoncé’?

Valee Music: I’m putting it out there it will happen God willing! I think she’s an incredible mentor and as female artists we can learn so much from her work ethic!

Valee Music

Valee Music

Pulse Ghana: You also appeared in Sarkodie’s “Do You” video. How does it feel working with Ghana’s biggest music export? And do you have plans working with him in the future?

Valee Music: What I loved about Sarkodie’s ‘Do You’ project that featured Mr Eazi, was just how professional everything was! He’s a big act & very humble so it’s good energy! Ghana’s biggest music export is definitely on my radar. And being Zimbabwe’s fastest growing act, I believe a collaboration with Sarkodie will be an absolute gift to both our fans!

Pulse Ghana: Per the views on YouTube, ‘Sondela’ is your biggest career song and music video. First of all, what’s the meaning of ‘Sondela’ and how did you get that massive stream?

Valee Music: Sondela means ‘Come Closer’ in my language Ndebele. It’s also understood to mean the same in South Africa where my heritage is from. Having the star which is Charlie Kay also boosted the streams of this record because you have to stars on the track, all his fans and mine, and new fans really came together to show it the love it deserves! We also pushed heavy on marketing I’m almost at 500 000 views that’s a massive milestone!

Valee Music

Valee Music

Pulse Ghana: How are you ending 2020? Any message to fans?

Valee Music: My message to the fans is take care of you! It’s a marathon not a sprint. I’ve been so goal focused chasing my dreams and ticking off every goal as I go. And it’s so common for artists to want to do more & worry about what’s next! I did so well this year and though I did. I also deserve to take a breather once in a while, smell the flower, pop some bubbly & thank God for the gift of life! I’m sure 2020 taught us one thing hold on to all those who matter. Keep safe, more music on the way my loves! #Blessings.

Watch the video for ‘Sondela’ here.

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