Too many illiterates, party loyalists in the National Security – Adam Bonaa | Latest News Updates & Newspaper Headlines

Mr. Bonaa further bemoaned the recruitment of party loyalists into the National Security, insisting some of them are illiterates who can’t even communicate.

“Go to the ports they are there everywhere they are there. Even the national security operatives operating at the port they can’t even communicate well,” he said on 3FM.

“It will be difficult to stop recruitment by protocol into those agencies. So long as unemployment is high and Godfatherism is still high somebody must take you there.

“If these people are trained and their loyalty is to the state but not the people who employed them into the organization then we will get somewhere. My point is these people must be given proper nationalistic training not people who are party loyalists.”

The National Security has come under the spotlight in recent weeks following several reports regarding abuse of power by officers.

Last week, some officers of the National Security allegedly arrested and tortured Citi FM journalist Caleb Kudah.

The young broadcaster was detained for hours for allegedly filming inside the premises of the National Security Ministry.

He was later released, together with colleague Zoe Abu-Baidoo, who was also earlier chased in ‘Rambo style’ by the officers when they besieged the premises of Citi FM.

Kudah later disclosed that he was beaten, slapped and kicked by the National Security officers while he was in their custody.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Security has withdrawn four officers over the incident, as investigations continue into the matter.

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