Terminate contract of mechanic who used ambulance to cart cement – Dr. Okoe-Boye | Latest News Updates & Newspaper Headlines

The former MP for Ledzokuku said the Ghana Ambulance Service should terminate his contract with immediate effect.

“I wasn’t surprised when I saw this because if you know human nature people can be very reckless or indiscipline if there is no threats of punishment. I expect whichever garage the gentleman works with to sanction the individual who did this and the public must know that either he has lost his job or they have taken away that contract of servicing”, he said on TV3.

“If the whole company loses this contract because of the attitude of this guy whichever company handles the other ambulances will make sure that it is strictly monitored when it comes into their hands.

“This is of one of the few instances that you realize that there are people in this country who don’t care about what happens to the country, it is about them, they want to fix their home , they want to build their house even if they have to use an ambulance to carry stones they don’t care.”

The National Ambulance Service has revealed that mechanics repairing their ambulance used it to purchase cement as was captured in a video that went viral on social media.

“The Ambulance is still in the custody of Service Ghana Autogroup Ltd., and therefore not being used by the paramedics of the National Ambulance Service. It is thus not part of the National Ambulance Service Fleet”, the statement said.

The Public Relations Officer of the National Ambulance Service, Mr Simon Yusif Kawula in media interviews said “The investigation we did revealed that this particular ambulance was being used by the mechanics of the suppliers. It is an ambulance under the 1 Constituency 1 Ambulance, and it is stationed at Sege.”

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