‘Support NCCE to translate 1992 Const into Ghanaian languages’

The Annual Constitutional Week was yesterday celebrated in Accra with a call on benevolent individuals and organisations to support the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), to translate the 1992 constitution into all Ghanaian languages.

Chairperson of the NCCE, Ms Josephine Nkrumah said it had become necessary for the constitution to be translated into various Ghanaians languages because most people were not familiar with the English version.

She made the call in an interview with the GhanaianTimes on the sideline of the Commission’s 2021 annual constitution week celebration, held at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, in Accra, on the theme “Rally round the Ghana constitution “

The NCCE, uses the annual week celebration to engage citizens on the content of the constitution and distribute copies of the legal document to public.

Ms Nkrumah said although parts of the constitution had been translated into abridged version, the Commission lacked funds to enable it compile all contents (provisions) of the constitution into one document in various Ghanaian languages.

“Some parts of the constitution had already been translated into abridged version, what we need to do is to gather these pieces of documents and reprint them into one document. This has been a challenge to the commission and we are trying to work with key partners to see how they can support us,” she said.

Ms Nkrumah said about 2,000 copies of the constitution would be distributed to some Ghanaians to enable them familiarise with the content as parts of the constitution day celebrations.

“The distribution of the constitution, forms part of the Commissions strategy for people to become aware of the fundamental law of the country.The 1992 constitution is an important document, laying down the fundamental principles of the country. The country is governed by these principles, which must be made available to the public,” she noted.

Ms Nkrumah appealed to Ghanaians, especially the youth to desist from taking the law into their own hands.


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