Stop behaving like a celebrity in prison – Court tells suspect in JB Danquah murder case [ARTICLE]

Asiedu is the prime suspect in the murder of the former Member of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa North, JB Danquah Adu.

On Friday, the suspect’s lawyers informed the court of his complaints of being subjected to assault in prison.

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Daniel Asiedu

Daniel Asiedu

The accused also bemoaned the restriction of his movements in prison, with his lawyers asking the court to do something about the situation.

The Court presided over by Lydia Osei- Marfo, therefore, tasked the Ghana Prison Service to investigate the complaints.

The Court also cautioned the suspect to be of good behaviour, adding that he must stop behaving like a “celebrity inmate”.

“If you behave well you don’t need to be assigned a human being to be monitoring your movements,” said the court, as quoted by the GNA.

“The Ghana Prison Service is hereby ordered to investigate the accused person’s allegation of assault and other unapproved treatment thoroughly and bring a stop to same if something like that is going on.”

“Let him take part in exercises, I don’t think the accused persons would evaporate. You don’t have to pin him to his seat. If he wanted to evaporate he would have done that by now,” it added.

JB Danquah Adu, who was the legislator for Abuakwa North Constituency, was also killed in his home five years ago.

His murder remains unresolved, although two suspects, Daniel Asiedu and Vincent Bossu, have been arrested and are currently facing a trial.

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