Social media angry with Bisa Kdei for showing half-naked vixens in his “Hallelujah” visual (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

The singer followed up his hit single “Sika” which features fast-rising star Gyakie with “Hallelujah” – another highlife single which is building momentum.

Released on November 27, 2020, the mid-tempo song is accompanied by a visual which sees the singer show off what he has achieved so far while praising his creator.

From hotties in bikinis to hard party with friends, the visually-appealing work of Yaw Skyface comes as simple but sets new standards in one-shot cinematography.

But some social media users, especially Instagram users, are not enthused about the visual. They believe it’s blasphemy because the word ‘Hallelujah’ (a word attributed to God) did not correlate with half-naked girls.

“There’s half naked girls in the video and he’s singing hallelujah?!!” Instagram user ‘davidfrimpongduro’ quizzed. User ‘in_your_feelins’ also said: “Saying “Hallelujah” and having bikini girls in the video? Akohwis3m b3n nono.”

Another user claimed he has lost his respect for the Black Legendary record label owner.

The user ‘dat_boss_sisco’ wrote: “Nkwasiasem saaaaa strippers in a video and you mentioning God’s name and giving him thanks can you do that to a lesser god. You do all these fucking things and you want people not to criticize Christianity. All the respect aget give you sef vanish.”

“Eeiii herh Hallelujah na Ass sorrn dey roll in no kueerrrr,” user ‘mannytheg0at’ added.

Editorial Analysis

To some extent, the angry social media users who are displeased about the song and visual have a point. However, in totality, they are wrong.

Most visuals expatiate the concepts of songs and this is where the video director’s job lies. They develop concepts that match the lyrics or concept of the song.

The concept of “Hallelujah” visual delves deep into Bisa Kdei’s grateful heart and gratitude to God. Bisa, someone who started from grass to grace, is grateful to God for how far he has come.

He has reached a stage where he gets what he wants to eat, drink, plus shelter, and even the hottest chicks in town. Have you seen women fight over a broke boy? No! That’s what the video portrays.

He is thankful to God for all the blessings he has – and he can thank God even when there are a bunch of naked girls around him. There’s nothing blasphemous about the visual.

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