Shatta Wale crowns Medikal his ‘best artiste of 2020’ [ARTICLE]

The AMG Beyond Kontrol label owner and frontman has been mentioned among the best rappers of 2020 due to his performances on his hit singles like “La Hustle” and “Borla Bird”, and his EP, titled “Island”.

And it seems this is the reason why Shatta Wale – who has a tight relationship with the rapper and places him above all his friends – crowned him the ‘best artiste of the year’.

He revealed this choice in a tweet on Christmas day (December 25, 2020) on Twitter.

“My best artiste 2020 @AmgMedikal,” he stated.

Most of his fans agreed with his choice.

“He really deserves it cos @AmgMedikal has work hard this year and he is the hottest MC now and he is giving to us back to back saaaa and all he hit. Puufff Beyond Kontrol,” a Twitter user said.

Another user replied: “We hope this bromance never turns sour….you then obidi what we never see before later e turn beans.”

“He’s the best since 2018 but ur people nàaaaa corrupt take award gv soldiers,” another user added.

Some users didn’t agree with his choice.

“Nkwasiasem saa you be vgma?” a user dissed him.

Shatta Wale and Medikal’s bromance started not long ago but the two have created an enviable friendship and have grown together over the years.

They have done back-to-back collaborations, and even recently, when Shatta Wale was celebrating his birthday, Medikal recorded a new song, titled “Paah Paah Paah”, to eulogise him.

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