Shania Twain: ‘I’m definitely on a mission to make the best album I’ve ever made’ – Music News

On the latest episode of Home Now Radio on Apple Music Hits, Shania Twain spotlights her favourite rock songs, including cuts by AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, Joan Jett, The Clash, and more. She discusses growing up going to rock shows, shares her love of Van Halen, Heart, and Journey, and tells her fans she’s on a mission to release the best album she’s ever made before Christmas.

Shania Twain Sets a Goal To Release The Best Album She’s Ever Made Before Christmas…

When is my new album coming out? It’s so difficult to say that an album is finished and ready. I’m not procrastinating, but I do admit that COVID has created some timing issues because it’s been very difficult to get together with producers and musicians in the same room. So I’ve been working very hard on it. I want to give you guys something that you can really be proud of as a Shania fan. I want you to celebrate with me and I’m definitely on a mission to make the best album I’ve ever made. So please be patient. I want it to be worth waiting for. This is an album of celebration and my plan is to release this album… Okay. Here it comes to commitment. Okay. No, I do plan on releasing this album before Christmas. Wouldn’t it be super to have this out for Christmas? I would love that so much. So that is my goal.

Shania Twain on Van Halen and Growing Up Going To Rock Shows…

When I was a teenager, I was going tomostly rock shows. Van Halen was one of my favorites. David Lee Roth, the kicks, his athleticism. I was jealous. I’m like, “What? This guy, he’s such an athlete, but he’s more than that. He’s so agile and he can do the splits.” And anyway, I love the showmanship and I loved all that hair. And the guys in rock bands have better hair than most of us girls. Always the case. What’s up with that anyway?

Shania Twain on Heart…

Now, listen, can we talk about Anne Wilson for a second? Because she’s got a voice that can sing any kind of music. Just an incredible rock vocalist that can sing anything and this is a power ballad for the ages, I’m telling you, one of my absolute faves. I love this group and I love the fact that they’re sisters. Their blend vocally is super live. Rock on, Heart.

Shania Twain on Journey and Steve Perry…

Journey is another group that I honed in on my vocal stamina skills with, because Steve Perry sings his butt off and stays up at the top of his range song after song after song. And he did that live for years. He’s incredible. I’d love to sing with him someday. Steve Perry, if you’re out there, let’s sing together. That would be a real rock dream come true for me.

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