Send international observers to 2024 US election – M.anifest tells AU, ECOWAS [ARTICLE]

The “Nowhere Cool” hitmaker’s call follows American President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede to defeat after losing this year’s election to Joe Biden.

On Saturday, November 7, Joe Biden was declared President-elect of the United States after securing 290 electoral college votes as against Donald Trump’s 214 electoral college votes. He also beat Trump by more than 4.3m popular votes, as Trump became the first president in 28 years to lose his bid for re-election.

But since his defeat, Trump has been adamant about conceding defeat and plans to pursue legal action against Joe Biden and the Democrats on the grounds of election fraud.

Right after Biden was projected the winner of the US election, M.anifest took a dig at Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White, who went viral for inviting African angels to come to American to support Trump’s presidential bid.

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M.anifest referred Trump to when he described Africa as a shithole and suggested that the angels his spiritual adviser invited didn’t make it to America to save Trump because they were denied visas.

“The angels from Africa were denied visas so they couldn’t intervene,” he tweeted.

And now, he is back again with another dig at the US and President Trump. This time, he wants the US to be treated the same way it treats African elections.

According to him, the AU and ECOWAS should send international observers to monitor US’ 2024 presidential election. He revealed this in a tweet on Tuesday, November 10.

He tweeted: “At this rate we need to send international observers to their 2024 elections. AU and Ecowas wossop?”

Manifest on 2024 US election

Manifest on 2024 US election

Do you think this is a fair analysis and a good call from M.anifest?

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