Sarkodie rates Eno Barony next to him | Latest Ghanaian Music News & New Songs

In an interview on Akwaaba Talk Show, Sarkodie could not help but acknowledge the prowess of Eno Barony when it comes to dropping hard bars in a way you would not expect from a female musician.

According to the “Hand to Mouth” rapper, Sarkodie stated that he has always seen Eno Barony as a co-equal when it comes to rap.

He said: “Eno Barony is like a full rapper. I don’t see her as a female rapper, I see her as an MC. When I say female rapper you can feel the feminine energy… rap has to be heard and Eno Barony is hard so I don’t see her as a female rapper. She is just a rapper.”

He continued: “She goes in hard with the bars… the stuff she says, guys could’ve got away with that easy but she still does it. As rappers, we have our state of mind when we are writing and when I listen to her that’s what I see.”

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