Sandra Ankobiah trashes reports that she has tested postive for COVID-19 [ARTICLE]

The Ghanaian socialite in a series of posts on social media lashed out bloggers who published stories claiming that she has said she tested positive for COVID-19. According to her, the report is false because a post she has shared was misconstrued.

Are you stupid? How did you understand what I reposted to mean that I have Covid-19? A friend posts that she’s contracted it, and I repost it applauding her for coming out and telling people who have been in contact with her to get tested,” she tweeted.

In another post, she wrote “How do you deduce from this that I have Covid? Is it reading that is your problem or comprehension? A lot of you bloggers need to do better. Mtcheew

Taking to Instagram to register her displeasure, she shared the posts of the bloggers and wrote, “A lot of you bloggers need to do better. Mtcheew“.

Sandra Ankobiah's trashes COVID-19 report

Sandra Ankobiah’s trashes COVID-19 report

The bloggers have since apologized for the false reports. One wrote “I’m sorry madam…forgive me please!! I have even deleted the post long time please. Thanks” and the other said “I’m Not stupid. But im wise enough to say im sorry mum“.

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