Samini drops anticipated ‘Shot Pointed’ track to reply Shatta Wale’s ‘Real’ diss [ARTICLE]

The two dancehall acts have been feuding on social media since yesterday after Shatta Wale threw a jab at Samini in a song he released titled ‘Real’. In the song, Shatta said ‘how can you be King without a palace and a pool’.

The High-Grade Family CEO, in a reply to his long time rival, shared a tweet to say that “The living fool measures the success of a man by the size of a swimming pool. Living proof of the fact that depths of minds differ”.

Samini added that “beneficiary always feels wisest until the benefactor becomes woke. Remember I did it all by myself without a “Nam1” and no one is my Don“.

However, Shatta Wale chastised him to rather hit the studio to reply to his diss with a track if he believes he is a real King.

Samini accordingly promised to finish Shatta Wale with a track that he intended to drop on Friday but he has released it today. He titles the dancehall track ‘Shot Pointed’ where he also fired shots to Shatta Wale.

Listen to it below.

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