Sabrina Carpenter asked to explain alleged love triangle between her, Olivia Rodrigo and Josh Bassett – Music News

On our latest episode of Smallzy’s Surgery Smallzy caught up with ‘Skin’ singer Sabrina Carpenter and asked her to explain in her own words, seemingly referring to the alleged love triangle between her, Olivia Rodrigo and Josh Bassett.

Smallzy “The Internet is full of reasons and stories but I’m gonna let you in your own words tell me about the song, how does that sound?”

Sabrina Carpenter “I mean I’m just like I love to let you know, the music to speak for it self. I think in this situation it’s one of those songs that I wrote that I knew would be misinterpreted but also it really is just an overarching theme that was kind of consistent in my life over the last couple of years. You know, outside forces trying to affect me on the inside and trying to shake me in my personal life and in my non-personal life, I think it was like really just had to sit down and write about it and just be honest as I could and yeah. I mean the messages something I’ll take out of it is for the rest of my life to situations will continue to happen I have to be like ‘okay well they can try but you know I’m just going to, I’m just gonna do what makes me happy and I’m just going to focus on that’.

Smallzy “When you’re putting your vulnerability out there like that, is there any time before hand that you’re like oh should I? Shouldn’t I? Oh this is a bit… No I’m not going to or are you like sort of comfortable with it by the time it’s recording it and you like, you know what, this is my story I told it and I’m at peace with where it’s at”.

Sabrina Carpenter “There’s only a handful of times where I’ve been where I’ve released songs were I was like scared. I was like ha ha this is, you know someone might hear this song or people might be the song and like you know, they might get the wrong idea. You just never know what the reaction is going to be but I do think there’s something good about being a little bit afraid and about being honest I think if anything it just means that you’re doing things that are challenging you and they’re pushing you and helping you grow. Because I’ve also been on the other end where I put it so nothing like yeah, I mean, no one can be mad about the song. And that’s a cool, but at the same time there’s something really interesting about people having an opinion. You kind of want people to feel something, whether it’s like really good, really bad just something. That’s what music is always done and has always done for me. It’s been my therapy for the year in the midst of all this chaos

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