Robbie Williams: ‘I don’t drink, but people drink around me and they get merry’ – Music News

Robbie Williams joined Emma B on Magic Radio today to talk about his new single ‘Can’t Stop Christmas’.

As part of the chat, Robbie revealed that he wouldn’t say no to going on I’m a Celebrity “I mean, the answer is yes I would do it, but thankfully my career is in a place where I don’t have to. I would, you know, if I was in a place where I had to, I would be, I would beg, steal and borrow to be part of that cast.”

Speaking about Magic Radio’s own Ruthie Henshall as she recently departed I’m a Celeb “Every time Ruthie Henshall is on, I am just reminded of her incredible talent. You know, she’s an imperial theatre person and it’s good to see her on the television. I like it. She makes me smile every time she’s on. Especially with her like over-sharing about the Prince, but it was great. It was great. It was just, like, have you forgotten, all of these cameras. So I thank her for that.”

On the only thing he wouldn’t be keen to do on the show “I wouldn’t have a problem with any of the stuff on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ apart from jumping out of an aeroplane. I’m really– it’s not that I could never do that. It’s just I really, really don’t want do that. I don’t want to do that. I quite like the idea of eating rubbish and I quite like the idea of seeing what it’s like to have, uh, maggots crawl around and dealing with snakes and rats and all of that business. That wouldn’t be a problem. Just the jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane or helicopter is not for me.”

On Christmas in his household “We surround ourselves with our favourite people at Christmas and it’s not just about Christmas Day itself, it’s about the, the films and the merriment and people drinking. I mean, I don’t drink, but people drink around me and they get merry and then I get to watch what they’re like on different kinds of alcohol and I find that my wife is really, really good drunk on rum, so I sort of try and get her to drink rum as much as possible. I try to get her to stay away from the white wine, because she’s sort of like Joan Rivers on white wine.”

He spoke about the story of a man from Bradford who claims they were both abducted by aliens
“ I just think that, you know, in the story he says “I’m sure I know you from somewhere” and how I can tell that’s not true is the turn of the century I was one of the most famous people in the world so, you know? I would love…I would love to believe that I was on a spaceship and he saw me. But if he saw me he’d be, like, if he saw me he’d be, like, “There’s Robbie Williams.” So, hm, you know?”

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