Rita Ora is going to get ‘really deep’ on her third album – Music News

The 30-year-old star says working on her recent collaborative club EP, ‘Bang’, with producer-and-DJ Imanbek, allowed her to “take risks” and step outside of her comfort zone, and the songs will act as a “bridge” into her follow-up to 2018’s ‘Phoenix’.

In an interview with Brazil radio station POPline on Instagram Live, Rita said of the EP: “I wanted to remind people that be in control of yourself, you have to take risks. I challenged myself by doing something like an EP rather than an album. I didn’t want any pressure. I just wanted to experiment. I needed that for myself. When I do my own album, which I will probably end up recording this summer, I now have a new lease of life. [‘Bang’] is like a bridge.”

The ‘Body on Me’ singer has been busy penning new tracks and admitted she is “way more in tune” with her “vulnerable side”, which will show on her new album.

She added: “I’m doing a lot of songwriting. I’m definitely getting way more in tune with my vulnerable side. There’s going to be a lot more emotion with this record. This year has been such a transformative experience for all of us that to be transparent is really what we need. With this new album, I’m going to really get deep.”

Rita previously explained that she wanted to “come face-to-face” with “a bit of a challenge” on her next studio effort.
She said: “People have been coming to studio sessions from all over the world. I’ve been working on this now for the past two year on-and-off. I have plans for this third album to be something I’ve never done before and I really want to experiment and come face-to-face with a bit of a challenge. So there are writers I’ve never worked with before and live instrumentation.”

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