“Rats like you will be eliminated” – Manasseh Azure discloses new death threat [ARTICLE]

The award-winning journalist said he received an email warning on him to check his utterances or he will be killed like fellow investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale.

Speaking on Joy Newsfile in Accra, Manasseh said the article he wrote was specifically on the shenanigans in Techiman South and the inability of the people in SALL to vote in the parliamentary elections.

He suggested that if these issues are not solved urgently, it will be tantamount to a “coup against the legislative arm of government.”

This is not the first time a death threat has been issued against Mr. Azure. In 2017, Manasseh Azure Awuni reported to the CID Headquarters, where he was referred to the Cyber Security Unit of the Ghana Police Service about a similar death threat he had received via text for doing his professional duty.

The threat continued and in 2019, due to another death threat, he had to relocate temporarily to South Africa to save his life.

Manasseh Azure Awuni

Manasseh Azure Awuni


“Let me tell you Manasseh or whatever you call yourself, we the good citizens of Ghana will not sit down for a few miscreants like you to destroy that beautiful country. If condition demands that we eliminate rats like you, we will not relent on our oars to do exactly that.

“We are monitoring the present situation in the country very closely, and when it gets out of hand, we shall move in swiftly to ensure that we eliminate you to bring finality to these brouhahas going on.”

Manasseh Azure Awuni added that the mail referenced the shooting to death of the investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale by some unknown assailants.

“We shall come after you very soon. I know and firmly believe that it is cowards who die many times before their death but a perceived brave journalist like you is going to fight like a warrior, fighting in the battle of power. But don’t forget Ahmed Suale’s death, let that blood which was sacrificed to pacify the spirit of our ancestors serve as a reminder for you. Always, when you take a pen and write an article remember your colleagues’ death…”

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