Protect democratic processes—IMANI urges electorate

IMANI Africa Vice President, Kofi Bentil has urged the citizenry to actively engage in citizen journalism as the 2020 polls is ongoing.

He underscored that the act would keep the stakeholders of elections on their toes and protect the democratic processes.

Mr Bentil noted that it was within the rights of citizens to capture images and videos during the elections, thus, nobody should be harassed for engaging in the act saying “I am an advocate for citizen journalism, I always say go out there and have your cameras out there and record everything you can record.

“Let’s keep an eye on everybody to protect the processes and it can only be achieved with vigilance although the mainstream media is entitled to the cover the elections, Ghanaians must be involved to capture certain incidents that occurs on the blind side of the media.

“I am glad the media is out there, but the citizenry should also be vigilant so watch everybody whether the election observer or official and document all that you can,” Mr Bentil said. –

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