‘President Biscuit’ – Cape Coast residents mock Akpaloo after sharing biscuits instead of cash [ARTICLE]

According to the disappointed residents, Akpaloo deserves to be called ‘President Biscuit’ because he deliberately refused to share money but gave them biscuits.

Some of them who spoke to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said they had high expectations when the LPG candidate was coming to their area, so they took their trouble to assemble and listen to him, but they realized later that he was sharing nothing but mere biscuits.

They disclosed that they had received monetary gifts from some political parties who campaigned in the area and were expecting Akpaloo to have followed the tradition that had been established.

They further revealed that when NDC and NPP visit their area to campaign, they normally give them matchboxes containing money, so Akpaloo cannot reverse the tradition.

“I saw him sharing something and thought it was money, that was the reason why I came here. But only to discover that it was a biscuit. I am disappointed in him,” a resident said.

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Another said: “when the political parties come here, they give us money, and we expected Akpaloo to have done the same, but he gave us biscuits. Because of this, we will call him ‘President Biscuit’.”

Akpaloo is promising monthly allowance for children below 18 years and unemployment benefits to Ghanaians if given the mandate to govern the country.

Despite his desire to win the December 7 election, he insists that he would not use his money to buy votes as other candidates of other political parties are allegedly doing.

Vote buying has become a norm in Ghanaian politics and it makes election victories exclusively reserved for the highest bidder.

Some candidates have good messages but just because they do not have money to share to the electorate, they are not given an audience let alone voted for.

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