Popcaan reacts to Samini and Shatta Wale’s beef, says he’s ‘entertained’ [ARTICLE]

On Tuesday, February 23, Shatta Wale and Samini attacked each other on Twitter.

It all started when Samini threw a subtle shade on the 280-character limit platform.

“The living fool measures the success of a man by the size of a swimming pool. living proof of the fact that depths of minds differ. A beneficiary always feels wisest until the benefactor becomes woke. Remember I did it all by myself without a ‘Nam1’ and no one is my Don,” he tweeted.

Shatta Wale didn’t let it slide. He fired back immediately: “You do song about girls and I do song about money ,nooorr you bore deh dis somebodys fada NAM1 .. I start buying houses before I met NAM1, you start buying credit as mtn sign you ..That was your fucken property maaafaka.”

They dragged each other for hours after their first tweets and their followers joined the fight by fanning the flames with shades.

Reacting to the beef, Popcaan – who is legally known as Andre Hugh Sutherland – said he is entertained.

“My entertainment is from Ghana this morning. SM VS HIGHGRADE?? Chubble” he tweeted.

Shatta Wale responded to his tweet, saying: “jamaica is even awake with these disturbances, sorry unruly boss for disturbing you this morning.. we apologize for disturbing your sleep my king. we are entering the studio now mi boss.”

“Easy #unrulyboss…mek me kill em quick dis time me chargie….. #shotpointed pun dem dis Friday #chuble,” Samini also reacted to Popcaan’s tweet.

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