Politicians start new projects only to amass wealth and rob Ghana – Bishop Samuel Mensah

“Look at the amount of money we put in it. It’s all a matter of irresponsible leadership that we seem to be experiencing for many years in our national lives.

“So let us have a government of continuity where a government will continue with what he inherited,” Bishop Mensah noted.

Stating some projects started in the previous administrations, he said “There are lots of estate buildings that have been put up by Kufuor around Dawhenya, Kpone area, it is still left there uncompleted. Even in this present government that [Kufuor belongs] it hasn’t been completed.”

“These politicians love to start new projects because that is the only way they can amass some wealth, that’s the only way they can rob the country, that’s the only way they can steal from the national purse so they will abandon a project and start one for themselves, so let us promote a government of continuity,” he said.

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