‘Oswald took away attention from Sarkodie’s album release’ – Arnold Asamoah

According to Arnold, although Sarkodie is influential and has a major following in the music industry, the conversation around Oswald drove some attention from his album.

“Oswald took away some of the shine from the release and the hype about it,” he said on Entertainment Review on Peace FM today. “But let’s also give it to Sarkodie. If Sarkodie didn’t have that clout, that small boy would have taken over.”

He acknowledged Sarkodie’s influence but said Oswald took some part of the conversation on social media.

“But critically, Sarkodie was also there. But we can also not deny the fact that the boy took most of the attention from the album. The conversation on the whole day hovered around the boy.”

Arnold said fans of the rapper and fellow musicians helped him, otherwise, Oswald would have taken all the hype.

“It was SarkNation and Ghanaian artistes who helped. The kind of support and posting on social media helped Sarkodie otherwise Oswald would have swallowed his release.”

“Sarkodie is an A-list artiste, but usually, if it were other artistes, it would have affected his release. Because he has a certain level of clout and followers who ensure that Oswald or no Oswald, they did it. But we cannot take the fact that Oswald took the conversation pretty much the whole day. But his followers and fellow artistes helped,” he added.

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