Osebo does it again with his ‘top fashion sense’ and award presentation at GMA [ARTICLE]

The popular boutique owner in Accra, who takes pride in being a game-changer when it comes to fashion, which he says is ‘madness’, wore one of his skirt-like designs that he has named ‘fontomfrom’ to the award ceremony to steal the show.

Osebo, real name Richard Brown, shot into the Ghanaian limelight in 2017 after he popped up as the father of Nana Aba Anamoah’s only son. Since then, the fashionista has cut a niche for himself that is gradually giving the title as Ghana’s fashion god.

The Ghanaian fashionista stormed the red carpet last night with his squad who were all styled in the popular Osebo designs that earned him a spotlight interview with the BBC.

One of the men with Osebo wore a kilt, the Scottish style way with the other wearing Osebo’s ‘fontomfrom’ over sneakers. The trio with their red carpet look managed to steal everyone’s attention last night.

The father of four also mounted the stage to present an award and he did it in a style that saw the audience in the auditorium having one of the best moments of the night as he got confused for a second about how to mention the winner to come on stage for his award. Watch the video below.

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