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Nile Rodgers is mourning his mum, Beverly Goodman, following her passing on Sunday.

The Chic star took to Instagram to confirm his mother has died after a battle with Alzheimer’s, along with a photo of himself at his ailing mother’s bedside.

“My mom #BeverlyGoodman #RIP passed away around 6am today,” wrote the 68-year-old musician. “I breathed some of my 1st breaths with her and she breathed some of her last with me. My brothers and I will contact everyone soon. Today I’m numb.”

Over the holidays, the Le Freak star opened up about not being able to connect in person with Beverly, as she was hospitalised under strict medical protocols amid the pandemic.

“The saddest part of this #COVID holiday is not being able to visit my #mom,” he posted on 23 December. “She’s always happy and entertaining even w late stage #Alzheimer’s. I’ve learned to redirect or not, so she’s never uncomfortable with her memory loss.”

Rodgers has been open in documenting his mum’s battle with the chronic neurodegenerative disease, revealing there have been several cases of the illness throughout his family history.

Last year, he told the Press Association that his mother was in denial about being diagnosed with the condition.

“She didn’t tell me and she was also suffering from one of the common symptoms which is denial, she wouldn’t believe it. Even now, we have conversations and she says, ‘At least I don’t have Alzheimer’s,'” the musician shared.

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