My children will not marry any girl schooling in Ghana – Afia Schwarzenegger warns [ARTICLE]

The “Schwar TV” host made this statement after a photo of one of his twins and alleged girlfriend went viral on the internet last week.

Reacting to the viral photo, she said her sons are her investments and will not allow them to marry any girl receiving her education in Ghana.

She said her twins, James Ian Geiling Heerdegan and John Irvin Geiling Heerdegen, are in school to study not to find future wives, however, they will not reject free p****.

Afia Schwarzenegger also warned the media to stop referring to the girlfriends of her twins as ‘in-laws’ because she doesn’t recognise them as such.

She took to Instagram on Sunday, February 28, to say: “Let me put a word of advice to every beautiful girl In this country called Ghana ..My sons are my investment n so they will not, I repeat, THEY WILL NOT MARRY ANY GIRL SCHOOLING IN MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY CALLED GHANA.

However, if you feel like giving them FREE pussy…God bless you for your contribution towards our success story.

Dear GH Media…stop referring to donors as my in-laws. We don’t know them and No one will reject FREE lunch. My boys are in school to study Not to look for a future that again. Have a wonderful GAY FREE afternoon.”

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