Mohammed Alsaadi reveals plans on getting Angelina Jolie onboard for his next project

He recently won Best Film in Oman in 2018. He is in the process of making a film based on Egyptian Football Superstar Mohammed Salah. Currently, he is in the news for his next production venture, a film to be based on the life of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. It is his hope to cast actress Angelina Jolie in his production to play Queen Nefertiti.

“I want to produce and make a film based on the life of Queen Nefertiti. She has always been a dream project of mine, and now I think I can indulge my dreams a little bit if I want to. Nefertiti has played a major role in Egyptian history and her contributions, while many and varied, have so far been neglected and left to the history book, I feel. Her life is perfect for cinema and art, but does not seem to have got the recognition that it so richly deserves,” said Mohammed. Currently, he is aiming for an international audience for his next production venture, as well as Arab audiences, because he believes that the story of Nefertiti could seriously be an interesting topic for celluloid and will easily find an audience worldwide.

“I am looking at a few new scripts that are being brought to my attention now. There is scope for at least two to three films that can be made that would detail the life of the queen pharaoh cinematically. She has enough cultural and historical importance to warrant such an extravagance. Not to mention, being noticeably quite beautiful enough to be mythical and legendary at the same time,” added Mohammed.

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