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Mark Ronson had a “dumb grin” on his face the entire time he was recording Uptown Funk.

Superstar producer Ronson made the 2014 hit, which topped the charts in 19 countries, with himself on bass, Bruno Mars on vocals and drums, and producer Jeff Bhasker on synths.

Despite the song’s phenomenal success globally, he is adamant the creative process was the most memorable part of the Uptown Funk experience.

“We just had a jam that had a dumb grin plastered on our faces for six hours,” he recalled in an interview with The Guardian. “It was just a good time. I don’t think of it being played at weddings and out of cars – it’s just too weird.”

After being a DJ for 27 years, Ronson is gearing up to release a TV documentary, Watch the Sound, for Apple+.

The six-part series delves into how many “happy accidents” in music production were innovative or transcendent moments which would be less likely to happen with modern studios.

Ronson’s own obsession with classic sensibilities saw him ignore advice to cut down Uptown Funk’s track length to ensure streaming success.

“I want to preserve all the things that I love about the way I make music and still make bangers for the iPhones,” the 45-year-old revealed. “Every time I think: ‘OK, some new technology has outdated me, when is it the time to respectfully hang it up?’ I feel like I always manage to squeak out one more thing.”

Watch the Sound is on Apple+ now.

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