Majority of Ghanaians stay unsuccessful because they find joy in seeing people fall – Sarkodie [ARTICLE]

The “Pain Killer” rapper in two separate tweets on Sunday, February 21, said it’s either people lift others up or never make an attempt because ‘pushing someone down should never be part of the options’.

“It’s either you wanna lift people up or you don’t,” he tweeted. “Pushing someone down should never be part of the options #HappySunday.”

He claimed that uplifting others isn’t found in where he is from (Ghana) and that a good percentage of Ghanaians aren’t successful because of such character.

According to him, the only way Ghanaians can stay successful or happy is to ‘celebrate people, be happy for people and elevate people’ and these blessings will automatically bounce back to them.

“Where I’m from, we find joy in seeing people fall that’s why a good percentage stay unsuccessful (unhappy)… Always know that you are what you feel. Celebrate people, be happy for people, elevate people and it automatically bounce back to you #HappySunday,” he added.

It’s unclear the motive behind these tweets, however, random motivational tweets have been part of Sarkodie’s brand from day one of his career.

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