Loid Tag expresses worry over fans comparing him to Kwesi Arthur [ARTICLE]

This comes after some music enthusiasts have been criticizing some upcoming musicians for not being original and copying the likes of Kwesi Arthur. Loid Tag who has faced the same criticism too registering his displeasure about the comparison.

Sincerely, I don’t like when people say I sound like Kwesi Arthur because I think my style is different” a report by Ghana News Agency has quoted him to have said during an interview.

He continued, “I even heard people say I am trying to copy his style which I don’t agree with … my kind of music is different from him and I am trying to be unique so as to be successful in this very competitive music industry“.

Loid Tag’s is clearing this speculation about his style of music following the release of his latest single which he titles “Yaa Ba” which translates in English as “We Have Arrived”. Check out in the video below.

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