‘Loaded’ marriage list in Nigeria driving young men to marry white ‘sugar mummies’ – Lawyer [ARTICLE]

According to the author Reno Omokiri, some of the lists are so loaded that they have the potential to shut a man’s interest in marriage.

He took to Twitter to make the claim which has since been receiving mixed reactions. While a lot of Nigerian men agree with him, some people also attribute the trend to sheer greed, saying most of the young men simply want to have access to the white old women’s wealth and have dual citizenship.

“Nigerian women complain that too many young Nigerian men marry older White women. It is not always paper job. Have you seen the marriage list some Nigerian women give men? It is enough to make a man impotent! Some Nigerian love is becoming too expensive,” Reno Omokiri wrote on Twitter.

His post has generated some interesting reactions:

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@IkuliWisdom said: “Reno, I agree with you on the above. Beside the issue of lengthy list in the name of Bride Price, our ladies are also competing for ridiculous Award of BEST WEDDING IN TOWN. They have made it so expensive and scary thereby driving our men to waiting hands of divorced white ladies.”

@subysugy wrote: “It is the Family of the bride mostly the male folks that write those lists, not the women. The bride does not even have a say, my dad’s friend told me tradition is tradition no amendment, the annoying part is this are people who never bought 5kobo soda for you to bath.”

@eddieishola said: “Well said sir, how can a young man planning to start a family, exhaust his life savings just to show off to bride family all in the name of marriage, white women don’t collect dowry or give you a long list, the guys are marrying for paper and peace of mind.”

“Actually, it is Nigerian men that give Nigerian men marriage list for their daughters, if the women can protest successfully, we would have done that since,” @simplenenye2 wrote.

@iamObiii said: “Older white women have something to offer, something that will change your life for good. What do Nigerian women have to offer? Just Billing.”

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