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Country music rapper Lil Nas X is aiming to change the world for the better with his new children’s picture book by encouraging kids and their families to celebrate individuality.

The Old Town Road hitmaker, who came out as a gay man in 2019, admitted he didn’t really have anyone who championed his differences or sexuality growing up, so he was determined to show encouragement to readers of his C Is For Country alphabet book.

Describing the message of his publication, Lil Nas X told U.S. breakfast show Today he wants youngsters to feel empowered to “really do whatever you want and be who you wanna be, but genuinely”.

“I know a lot of times we hear it growing up, but people don’t really mean it,” he explained.

“It’s like, ‘Be who you want, but be who I want you to be’,” he went on.

Confessing he lacked that kind of support as a kid, Lil Nas X proclaimed: “That’s what I hope to change (for future generations).”

The rapper also noted he’s still on his journey of self-acceptance: “I feel like I’m still on that path, I just become more of myself every day, and try to be open about who I am or who I’m becoming… and just be authentic with that,” he shared.

C Is For Country features illustrations by Theodore Taylor III and is available now through Random House Children’s Books.

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