Kenyan’s Prez Uhuru Kenyatta walks alone in town as man threatens to shoot him [ARTICLE]

Presidents across the world especially those in Africa are always seen with long convoys of security personnel with some in front and others at the back, all in the name of protecting them from harm.

It was therefore seen by many Kenyans and others in neighbouring countries as a big deal when Mr. Kenyatta took a walk outside the State House alone without any security detail in-sight.

Although the video of Kenyatta walking in town alone made waves on the country’s social media platforms, it has further gone viral after a Tanzanian Advocacy Officer with ‎Inclusive Development For Citizens (IDC-TZ), Kumbusho Dawson Kagine with the Twitter handle @KumbushoDawson shared it on the platform.

“What a cool president? Congratulations Kenya,” Kumbusho Dawson Kagine captioned the video which got a lot of Tanzanians praising President Kenyatta.

The video shows him walking with a stick in his left hand while being cheered up by road users.

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A President walking in town without security details should not be anything to make a farce about in other parts of the world, but in Africa where politics is characterized by acrimony and polarization, whoever wins a given election perceives his contenders as enemies who might want to eliminate him, hence the need to surround himself with a battalion of security personnel.

Meanwhile, a man has been arraigned in the Kiambu Law Courts for saying he would shoot President Uhuru Kenyatta without hesitation if he had a gun.

Simon Muchiri is said to have made the remarks on his Facebook page on February 27, at a yet-to-be-determined place, according to

A report by Daily Nation indicated police officers arrested the 22-year-old after tracking him down using his contact information.

“On February 27, you published on Facebook that you could kill President Uhuru Kenyatta if you had a gun,” the prosecution told Kiambu Principal Magistrate Grace Omodho.

However, his lawyer said that he was a youngster who had just committed his first crime and urged the court to free him because he was the breadwinner in his family.

The suspect was released on a cash bail of KSh 200,000 or similar bond terms. A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for March 15, while the actual date of the hearing will be on May 13, 2021, reports say.

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