Kenyan man dies after saying: “There’s a place I want to go soon, I will miss you” [ARTICLE]

A Kenyan handsome man is the latest to have predicted his own death on October 29, 2020, before he reportedly died on November 17 the same year.

The young man from Kianderi in Tetu, Nyeri who identified himself as Kelvoh Kanambo took to his Facebook page on Thursday, October 29 to inform his followers that he would be embarking on a journey somewhere soon, bemoaning how badly he would miss his friends.

“Hey guys kuna place nataka kuenda soon for sure, I will miss you but don’t worry ntakua nakuja kuwasalimia tu, which loosely translates to (Hey guys there is a place I want to go soon for sure I will miss you but don’t worry I will be coming to greet you),” he wrote on Facebook.

Then, a week later, on Thursday, November 5, the young man took to Facebook again to wish his friends a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021 in advance, saying he would not follow the normal calendar but do things his own way.

“Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2021. 1 will no longer adhere to the normal calendar…Doing things on my own,” Kelvoh Kanambo posted on Facebook.

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Just a little over two weeks after the “Hey guys there is a place I want to go soon for sure I will miss you but don’t worry I will be coming to greet you” post, the pretty young and energetic-looking man died on Tuesday, November 17, after a two-day illness, according to

Kelvoh Kanambo’s death has left his followers in a state of sadness as some of them took to Facebook to express their feelings.

In related news, a video has emerged showing Mimie Moana, one of the ladies who died in a fatal car crash with popular Zimbabwean tycoon Ginimbi crying and expressing fears about her death.

36-year-old Ginimbi from Zimbabwe was said to be a successful petroleum trader before his untimely death on Sunday, November 8, around Borrowdale Road in Harare.

Several fans and followers of the young man flooded his official page on Instagram to express sadness over his death which took everyone by surprise.

Now, a trending video shows Moana, crying as she talked about her own death and how she wished she could control it.

Before her death, the pretty lady was a video vixen and fitness coach.

Reports say she was returning home from her birthday party alongside Ginimbi and two others when their Rolls Royce crashed and exploded afterward.

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