It’s a mistake to introduce your destiny helper to friends – Empress Gifty (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

According to the “Aseda” hitmaker, people who are quick to introduce their destiny helpers to friends lose their blessings instantly.

She made this statement in a video she shared on her Instagram page on Thursday, February 18, 2021.

“Hello, my name is Empress Gifty,” she introduced herself in the one-minute video she shared. “Ei, I’ve been gifted a brand-new car. I’ve been gifted a house. I’ve been bought a business class [ticket]. Haven’t you seen it? Then wait. Let me show it to you. This person bought them for me.”

She said it’s very wrong and a huge mistake to expose people who help you in life.

“My sister, what a big mistake. Who advised you to voice it out? Destiny helpers are not supposed to be exposed or introduce them to friends.”

Empress stated that people who have destiny helpers should shut their mouths and keep their helpers in prayers.

“My loved one, keep quiet and keep praying for the things you are enjoying and the provider. The moment you introduce your destiny helper, that is when you will start receiving excuses from them. They can ignore your calls for 5 to 10 days.”

Watch Empress Gifty below.

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