“I’m excited, may Allah protect us from jealousy” – Woman says as hubby marries second wife [ARTICLE]

The Nigerian man identified as @belllahijabi on Twitter took to her page to write: “I have a co-wife y’all!!!!! I’m more excited than my husband. May Allah grant us tawfiq and protect us from jealousy and the evil eye. Ameen.”

"I’m excited, may Allah protect us from jealousy" – Woman says as hubby marries second wife

“I’m excited, may Allah protect us from jealousy” – Woman says as hubby marries second wife

Her post has since generated a lot of reactions especially among women some of whom have wondered if @belllahijabi was a different species of a woman since her posturing to her husband’s polygamy was weird.

Hardly do women live at peace with their husbands or rivals but this woman, instead of fighting her husband for coming to give a share of his attention to another woman has welcomed the move and rather prayed for God’s protection for the tripartite family.

What makes the development understandable is the fact that they are Muslims and polygamy is allowed in that religion to some extent.

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In other news, a man who appears to be in pain from blue balls is seen being manhandled by a sex worker who charged GHC 130 for her service.

In the video circulating on social media, the unhappy man is seen genuflecting apparently because he could not stand straight due to the pain from the suspected blue balls while holding his phone in one hand.

Despite his obvious condition, the yellow pant-wearing sex worker was bent on taking the full charge agreed on before the romp, but the young man insisted that he would only pay GHC 100 because he did not ejaculate. It is unclear why he did not ‘cum’ though.

Both the prostitute and the man could be seen in the hilarious video baying at each other as the lady threatens to show him an unforgettable lesson if he failed to pay her in full. He also threatened to throw the prostitute away if she did not loosen her grips on him.

At a point in time, she tried to grab the man’s phone to probably defray the debt but he held it too firmly for her to snatch.

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