I’ll spend $1 million to expose the evil in Obrafour – Aisha Modi fires again (WATCH) [ARTICLE]

The rapper has slapped Aisha and Delay with GHC800,000 lawsuit over some statements Aisha made on ‘The Delay Show’ a few weeks ago.

In the said interview, Aisha Modi claimed that she single-handedly invested an amount of $45,000 into Obrafour’s famous “Kasiebo” album which he dropped a decade ago but got nothing in return.

“I produced Obrafour’s ‘Kasiebo’” she said. “I invested close to $45k, but I didn’t even get GHS1 from the song. I did this investment at a time when I didn’t even have a plot of land or a house.”

And when Obrafour’s team denied the claim, Aisha furiously fired back at them, insisting that she truly helped the former Last Two label signee and in return received ungratefulness.

But Obrafour is back to pursue the case in court because he believes his image has been brought into disrepute.

In a writ sighted by Pulse.com.gh, Obrafour has ordered Aisha Modi and Delay to ‘publicly withdraw and apologise to him for the defamatory words against his reputation through the Daily Guide and other media platforms where the statements were published’.

However, in her response, Aisha says she is ready to expose the evil in Obrafour and will do so even if it has to cost her USD1 million (which is equivalent to GHC5.8 million).

According to her, the damages Obrafour is demanding is even little, adding that she can make savings to support his career because he is in need of money.

“Come and sue Delay and I for GHC800,000,” she bragged in a video she shared on Instagram yesterday. “I know you need money so I’m going to do savings for you. GHC800,000 lawsuit is too small. You should sue me for GHC3,000,000. Even if I have to spend $1,000,000 to fight you both for booth and expose the evil in you to the rest of the world, I will.”

She also warned Obrafour and further asked him to wait for judgement from the spirit which touched her heart to support his career.

“The path you are treading is slippery. The unknown spirit that touched my heart to help you when you needed help with judge you. You will reap whatever you sow.”

She added: “Some top dignitaries in the country have advised me. Rev Obofour and his wife have called me and Otumfour’s young brother Nana Bonsu has also called.”

Watch the full video below.

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