I haven’t sold Arts Centre; allegations against me are false – Nana Bediatuo Asante | Latest News Updates & Newspaper Headlines

In a statement copied to the media, Nana Asante said he has no capacity to effect such a sale as claimed by an unnamed women in a broadcast circulating on Whatsapp.

The woman, whose narrarion in the 2 minutes 5 seconds audio did not seem coherent, erroneously referred to Asante Bediatuo as the President’s spokesman.

She also claimed that Mr. Bediatuo had told them that the Art Centre was going for 500 million, but did not specify whether the said amount was in cedis or dollars.

Mr. Bediatuo has rejected outrightly all the claims by the unidentified woman. According to him, those allegations are “outright and blatant lies.”

“I wish to put on record that I have never met this unnamed, unidentified woman or the elders and the chiefs she claims she brought to meet with me. It is interesting to note that she does not put out any details of the alleged meeting.”

“She does not state the date of the meeting, the place where the meeting took place, and the names of the elders and chiefs who accompanied her to the alleged meeting. That is because the so-called meeting never took place, or at least, not with me. As is public knowledge, I am the Secretary to the President and not the President’s spokesperson.”

Mr. Asante Bediatuo further insisted the said audio was created to cause disaffection for him as a senior government official.

“Ordinarily, I will not dignify such baseless allegations with a response to give it oxygen in the media space. However, such false allegations in the manner presented can be believed by some people.”

“I, therefore, consider it necessary to put out this statement because the allegations made in the audio recording have no iota of truth, are pure fabrications, and are malicious, with the sole aim of courting public disaffection for me as a senior official of this government.”

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