I can’t even kill a fowl; Ghanaians are stupid and wicked – Man fingered in Ahmed Suale’s murder speaks | Latest News Updates & Newspaper Headlines

The man in a Facebook video post said he is an oil and gas trader.

According to him, “All those who know me know that I can’t even kill a fowl. Ahmed Suale? I don’t know him [he said in Akan]. I trade oil and gas. I am an oil and gas trader. I have nothing like no relationship with any media because oil and gas is not the tomato that we advertise. We don’t even advertise. I don’t know who Ahmed is. I don’t know whoever the f*ck is. I don’t care.”

“My picture is all over the place that I killed [Ahmed Suale].

“What if the family of Ahmed [Hussein-Suale] meets me somewhere and they stab me. What will happen? What have you achieved? I have three children. Is it not stupid?” he asked.

Harris Ansu Gyeabour stated that Ghanaians are “wicked and stupid” for believing and taking excitement in sharing comments made by Kennedy Agyapong.

He added: “In Africa, the most wicked bunch is Ghanaians. I have traveled all over and am saying the most wicked bunch is Ghanaians. We are interested in the downfall of our brothers rather than what will uplift us. when the issue of me being wanted last year broke up, people were asking how I made all my money. Stupid people. Very quick to destroy. There are other Ansu All those media houses we are coming after you. All those people who are sharing it, the cybercrime unit are monitoring Facebook and all platforms and I hope nobody will come and tell me stupid stuff that ‘fama nyame’.”

Kennedy Agyapong has revealed the name of the alleged killer of an investigative journalist and a former member of the Tiger Eye team, Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

In a recent interview with Adinkra TV in New York, the business mogul said the police in Ghana exonerated him and told him the name of the alleged killer.

Speaking in Twi, the legislator mentioned the name of one Ansu Gyaebour, a resident of Kumasi, as the killer of the late journalist.

“He is in Kumasi. His name is Ansu Gyeabour. It is the same police who revealed his name to me and showed me a picture of him,” Agyapong told New York-based Adinkra TV in an interview.

“He killed Ahmed Suale,” he insisted, adding: “It’s been over a year now since the police disclosed that information to me, and my name is out there.”

“He is a tall guy,” he noted.

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