Hudson-Odoi: Chelsea star says they’ve named some things after him in Ghana

Hudson-Odoi arrived in Ghana on Wednesday for holidays after helping Chelsea to be crowned Champions League winners.

The winger’s arrival in Ghana has sparked talks of a nationality switch and it may not be far-fetched, considering his love for the West African country.

In an interview some months ago, Hudson-Odoi revealed how supportive his family in Ghana has been over the years.

He also disclosed that some things have actually been named after him in Ghana, adding that he once saw a bus with his photo on it.

“My family back at home, they watch all the games,” the Chelsea star told Sky Sports in January.

“They highlight certain things that I can improve on and get better at. I always speak to the coach and to the manager, but I’ve had a lot of family helping me too.

“I don’t know if I’m big time [in Ghana]. I have received some things, they did name some things after me. I saw a bus – it had a picture of my face on it!”

Hudson-Odoi has played three times for England, however, a change to FIFA’s eligibility rules means he can still switch to Ghana in 2022.

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