HIV+ nurse creates controversy after she revealed how she saves husband from getting infected [ARTICLE]

According to the South African woman, although she is HIV positive, she has sex with her husband without him getting infected.

Angela Motsusi wrote on her Facebook page: “Living testimonies of #UequalsU , it’s simple really, if you are HIV positive, take your ARVs daily and attend all your clinic appointments and do blood checks as scheduled, by taking your treatment everyday you will be virally suppressed and with a sustained, suppressed viral load you CANNOT sexually transmit HIV to your partner, I am positive and he is negative.”

Her post has triggered reactions with some people disagreeing with her while others deemed her revelation as useful information.

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One Sphiwe Stunnar Ntuli KaGodide wrote: “This works when there is honesty and not hide your status if you test negative meanwhile you have HIV. There are some ppl who would hide it and just show u the negative results.”

Dominic Thebe Rankoe also said: “If you are HIV positive and you take your treatment as prescribed and your viral load is undetectable, it means that there is no virus in your blood of bodily fluids, so, you cannot transmit the virus to anyone else. That is the ultimate aim of taking ARVs. The stories of people on treatment, infecting others with HIV or people dying while on treatment, is simply because they were not taking their treatment properly.”

Mbali Hlatshwayo wrote: “I understand your intentions with this post but I just feel like it is extremely irresponsible coming from a healthcare worker. Your post mentions nothing about using protection so I am assuming you’re telling people to not use it, since the virus is undetected? The virus being undetected doesn’t mean it’s gone. It just means your immune system is high but the virus will eventually resurface. Your man could also be a carrier and that is why tests show negative. We don’t know. Please encourage people to take their ARV’s AND use protection.”

Obakeng Difeto commented: “I didn’t know, thank you for teaching us, but its too risky hey.”

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