His mother is against his shirtless culture – Kwesi Arthur’s dad [ARTICLE]

However, according to the Ghanaian rapper’s father, it is not a thing Kwesi Arthur’s mother likes to see her son doing. Mr Samuel Danso Arthur was speaking on Hitz FM about his son as he turns 25 today.

During the interview hosted by Jay Foley, Kwesi Arthur’s father says he is proud of his son’s progress so far and that he “wants Kwesi Arthur to build a legacy without any blemish“.

Speaking about his son’s branding, Mr Danso Arthure said “and you know because he is the symbol of simplicity, I want him to remain real. I don’t want him to pierce the ears, have tattoos and have overgrown hair

He continued, “the hair has overgrown and it doesn’t look simple. I want Kwesi to be one of the finest in the world. I know the fans love him but I love him more than them. I want him to remain a symbol of simplicity“.

Asked about Kwesi Arthur often going shirtless, he said: ” mommy too, doesn’t like him removing the shirt“. The father went on to share how he meets passengers in a Taxi he drives, only to hear of some of them speak about his son.

Hear more from him in the post below.

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