Here’s why Teephlow attacked Medikal (VIDEO) [ARTICLE]

Last week, Teephlow caused a stir on social media when he disagreed with Medikal’s submission on how newcomers can become successful in the industry.

Teephlow later appeared on Zyofon FM where he alleged that Medikal’s fortune isn’t from music, adding that the “La Hustle” hitmaker has become a lazy rapper.

Responding to Teephlow’s allegations, Medikal told YFM that the Tardi rapper’s attack was likely borne out of a feature he unintentionally denied him.

“I was disappointed when Teephlow came at me,” he told Accra-based YFM. “I was very disappointed because I and Teephlow have a healthy relationship.”

He said he did a verse for him last year but Teephlow later came for another. However, his busy schedules didn’t permit him to deliver.

“I did a verse for Teephlow somewhere around last year. It’s a song of his featuring myself and Nigerian artiste Victor AD. And after that song, I think he sent a couple of songs to my manager or email. I was busy during that period and couldn’t deliver my verse on time. So, I think it could be a lot of things which caused the recent issue online.”

Medikal said Teephlow attacked him for attention and it’s pathetic.

“He did that to get extra attention. That’s the whole point. It is pathetic because people ruin years of friendship just for 24-hour clout. After they talked about him that day, that was it.”

He continued: “After the incident, I saw messages from him on Snapchat saying he messed up. He asked me to play Mortal Combat with him and I did.”

“So, after that, I woke up again and saw an interview he granted saying I grew up to become a lazy rapper because the Medikal he knew way back was doper than El Chairmano. So, this is my point, if the Medikal you knew way back was very dope you never came for a feature back then but now you want a feature. So, is he now more in love with the lazy Medikal or he is trying to get a feature because I’m shooting up? Even if I couldn’t do the verse for his recent song, I did one for him just last year.”

Medikal also showed his online earnings from his music, totalling over USD40,000.

Watch the full interview below.

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