Headmasters must have pictures of President, Education Minister in their offices – Adutwum | Latest News Updates & Newspaper Headlines

Dr. Adutwum served as Deputy Education Minister during President Akufo-Addo first term but has now been elevated to the position of sector Minister.

He explained that he has enjoyed his time working as a Minister, insisting his unannounced visits to some schools and his interactions with the students have been very exciting.

“Four years was great, it was an exciting time for me, very busy schedule visiting classrooms unannounced and teaching some classes,” he said on the First Take Show on 3FM.

“It was exciting that you could interact with the children, you see the joy in their faces when they get to know at that time, the deputy minister for education and then you had to explain to them. Because when you enter the campus, invariably you don’t see the picture of the president, something that I am going to be working on, at least in the headmaster’s office the picture of the Minister for Education is not there.

“So we had to break it down for them to appreciate ministers before you introduce yourself as a Deputy Minister. Once they get to know, they get excited and the excitement rubs off on you in a very positive way that the children are happy to see somebody in government in their classroom so I enjoyed the first four years.”

Further explaining why photos of the President and Education Minister are important in the offices of headmasters, Dr. Adutwum said students must familiarise themselves with the faces of the aforementioned.

“They [students] could not understand who you are so you have to start and ask who the President of Ghana is. Some of them will get it right, some will get it wrong and then you drill it down to the point where they will appreciate who you are.

“Once they get to know who you are they get excited. If you go to most public offices you the see the president picture, the Coat of Arms, civics, it gets you to appreciate the country that you are growing up in. as a child…It is very important to let them know that the picture they see, one day it will be their picture,” the Education Minister added.

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